Extensive Feature List

Online Reservations

OpenTime Booking handles complex service bookings with ease. Setup your services with a variety of options for all business types, and let OpenTime booking find times when you have availability.

Text Messages

OpenTime Booking sends convenient text messages to you, your clients and your team, ensuring everyone is aware of their scheduled bookings.

Voice Call System

OpenTime Booking sends can send calls to your clients which you have recorded in your own voice, along with appointment details read by a speech bot.

Staff Member Access Portal

Whether you are an individual provider or part of a group, OpenTime booking can help you manage your calendar. Staff member logins allow staff to access private calendars and self-manage appointments.

Mobile & Multi-Location

Organize your services and offer bookings at multiple locations, franchises, or with on-site / out call mobile providers.

Resource Booking

Set bookings to reserve resources, rooms or equipment. Maximize your efficiency with at-a-glance views of resource use, and avoid over-booking.

Time Slotted Services

Ensure services are booked on the hour, on the half hour, or whatever schedule you prefer with time-slotted services.

Couples & Gender Selection

Allow couples booking with two staff members for a couples service and provide male/female practitioner choices.

Repeating Bookings

Enter bookings which repeat every X days or on a monthly schedule. Copy existing appointments to new dates and drag and drop to reschedule.

Booking Agreements

Offer clients an informed consent form or booking agreement at time of booking.

Credit Card Secured

You may require a credit card number to secure a booking.

Waiting List Texting

OpenTime Booking sends text messages to your waiting customers when their table, room, or service is ready.

Example Booking Sites

These demonstration sites show how different industries might use opentime booking. These are not real businesses. You may see what a client experience will look like in the Client Interface, or check out the the Admin Tools to see how easy it is to create, confirm and complete appointment bookings.

Smile Masters

Dental Office Booking

In this example we look at how booking might work for a dental professional specializing in teeth whitening services.

Sparkling Home Care

Home Cleaning Booking

In this example, we explore how the system might work for a home cleaning mobile/on-site service oriented business.

Jane Q. Public, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist Booking

In this example we look at how booking might work for a massage therapist or other physical therapy professional.

Acme Auto Care

Auto Repair Booking

In this example, we explore how the system might work for an automotive or other repair oriented service.